Slice of Life: The Anatomy of a Fundraiser

Slice of LifeSlice of Life: The Anatomy of a Fundraiser

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Slice of Life posts about life in Haiti to pull back the curtain (as theater folks are apt to say) in order to show you a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes of a fundraiser (a.k.a. The Anatomy of a Fundraiser). This is not meant to be a rule book or how-to book on fundraising. However, since we have our Glee 4 Haiti fundraiser coming up next Thursday on July 26th, I thought it might be interesting to find out a little more about how such a fundraiser comes about.

The very premise of a fundraiser is to “raise funds”. While our Haitian Connection Network Students’ education is free, we do have personnel and infrastructure costs that are covered by donors like many of you. We could of course just ask you to open your pockets a bit more and give. Many of you would. But there is something about coming together at one place to support a common cause that make fundraisers a unique and many times fun experience.  A fundraiser says “I am in this with many others.  I stand with the many in support of this organization.”

The financial need is clear. What sort of fundraiser we do is up for grabs.  I’d like to imagine HCN board members all coming together with different ideas, and someone in the group says, “I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 10.  The person who picks the closest number to the number I’m thinking of wins!” The reality is much more organic in some ways.  At least in the case of the Glee 4 Haiti fundraiser.  Mitch Nugent, one of the founders of Prime Theatre, found out about Haitian Connection Network because of his work with Sight and Sound Theater people and wanted to know how he could could help.  Some of our board members work at Sight and Sound Theaters and our executive Director kristen Hertzog used to work there. Kristen and he pounded out ideas and ended up deciding to donate the ticket sales of one of the performances of Glee Club, a theaterical performance he was putting on anyway at the Ware Center, to help support HCN.

That was about three months ago.  In the months following this decision, media was arranged, press releases were written, help to watch tables solicited, food planned, and much, much more.  And with the event only days away, there is still more to do.

This is where you come in.  A fundraiser is considered successful only if funds are indeed raised and those funds supersede the expenses incurred by putting on the event.  It is only successful if you come and support the work of HCN and stand with other like-minded individuals. Beleive me, you will find it enteratining.  Singing, dancing, and all sorts of theatrics will be presented along with the stories of how lives are being changed. Stories such as the story of Daniel Smith who is being given back his life through the removal of a tumor and the story Esperando who through HCN received computer training, landed a job, and went on to provide for his family and his community in Haiti.  Even if theater is not really your thing, it will be a chance to be with others supporting HCN.

We together with you are working to build an educated, self-reliant Haiti.  We cannot do it without you. We look forward to seeing you next Thursday, July 26th at 8 PM.  For more information about the Glee 4 Haiti event, to purchase tickets, and to get directions, please visit this site.



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