Slice of Life: Changing Lives with Glee

Slice of LifeSlice of Life: Changing Lives with Glee

Is there a pun in the title of this post? Absolutely. But never-the-less, a truism in both meanings. Later in July, July 26th at 7:30 PM to be exact, Prima Acting Company will be performing a Glee Club performance, based on the hit TV series, to raise funds that holistically help Haitian students (meeting educational, nutritional, physical, and spiritual needs) through the Haitian Connection Network. Its bound to be a night of good music, great acting, and moving stories.

I think what amazes me is how HCN has grown over the past few years. When HCN started, the focus was education. We saw how investing into four students’ lives by financing their computer school education and then helping connect them into the job force transformed their lives, gave them dignity by allowing them to earn a living and not just receive handouts, and impacted them, their immediate and extended family, and their communities.  When the computer center was established, we guaranteed students one meal a day.  Over the years, we had heard the horror stories of students trying to study with headaches because they hadn’t eaten in three days. While one meal per day may not seem like much in our society where we are guaranteed three square meals, our one-meal-a-day feeding program through the help of you, our donors, was a god-send.

The Eye Clinic

The Eye Clinic

More recently, we ran an eye clinic out of the HCN Computer Center, providing medical help and glasses to help correct vision. Nothing was more moving than hearing Haitian after Haitian cry with tears “mwen ka wè” (I can see!). And who can forget Daniel Smith? In less than a week, he will be here in the United States to have a tumor removed that is threatening to take his life.  Two months ago, Lander took the first HCN mission trip to remote village in Haiti, taking supplies and nurturing the spiritual needs of the community. I remain amazed at how what we initially saw as an educational endeavor has turned out to be so much more. And while it is true that we are “happily” or “gleefully” changing lives, I perhaps should have title this post “Changing Lives with Amazement” because that is how I feel.  I remain astounded at how HCN has evolved in two years through all of your help and can’t wait to see where it grows.

So if you can make to the Glee event, we would love to see you there. Click this link to get tickets and reserve your place at the event. Your ticket purchase directly supports HCN.  If you can’t make it (vacation, distance, seeing a musical drama is not your thing) but would still like to give, you can do so at this link.

But whether or not you come or give, we are just grateful you are interested enough in Haiti to be reading this.  We appreciate your thoughts, your prayers, and your support.


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