Slice of Life – Generator Woes and Blessings in Haiti

Slice of LifeWhat is one thing you take for granted  in life? We get up in the morning, flip on the lights, and fire up the microwave! But in Haiti you might find this a bit of an issue, at least on some mornings.

Haiti has a lot of electricity issues. The Haitian EDH (the electric company in Haiti) is controlled by the government, and fails at times to provide dependable power to the Haitian people. In order to give students access to an online university at the Haitian Connection Network Student Computer Center a generator is a necessary when the EDH power is not reliable. It is not uncommon for the EDH to only be on for a few hours a day!

HCN’s latest hurdle was the generator we had stopped running after some maintenance issues. After some research, we discovered the repairs would cost more than a new generator! Obviously, not optimal. Worse yet, exams were on the horizon and dependable electricity was essential.

We were a bit in panic mode. We contacted our friends from Baptist Haiti Mission. Chris Lieb just happened to be coming into town, met up with Lubin, our HCN Center director, and they bought a generator, installed it, thus guaranteeing electricity. Generators are not cheap. Thankfully an anonymous donor provided the needed funds. HCN was only down for a few days but all is well and we are back up and running smoothly.

We learned some lessons from all this. Number one, the staff needs to maintain the generator a bit better on a regular basis. Two, our God is faithful and provides for us even when the things of the world like EDH are far from reliable. Thank you to the donor that provided the funds for HCN to replace the generator. And thank you all for your continued interest in HCN.


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