A Thank You from an HCN Graduate

Dear Friends of Haitian Connection Network,

I want to encourage and congratulate any individual among the HCN’s connections for the kind of motivation, strength, and willingness you have shown in order help people. Frankly, this is a sign that you are eager to see the world to be more peaceful place, with no economic crisis, specifically in Haiti.

I have fully benefited two years of study freely, thanks to generous people who believe in me, although they do not know me. In fact, I want to inform you that everything is completely achieved, because I was studying at University of the people since November2010, now I have fully completed my education, with an Associate Degree program in Business Administration.

I remember that quote from that unknown author, “education is the key that opens all barriers, regardless race, gender, geographical location, country of neither birth nor social class.” I want to let you know that quote is straightforwardly proved with HCN.

A special thanks to Kristen for your hard work, as you always say, you have one foot in Haiti and another one in the States. We are really proud to meet you, because you deeply contribute to help our dreams becoming true. I don’t have anything to offer you; however, I want to let you know that I will daily struggle to show the result of your efforts through my success. We cannot forget the time you spent with us whether electronically or in person, just to help us staying motivated, sometimes you even sacrifice time with your family in the purpose to see how things can be improved in Haiti.

Although I have completed my education and will not come to HCN daily, mentally we are forever bonded because you’re daily living in my mind. By thinking of you, I think of Mother Teresa who dedicated her life to help others, you are like her. I believe that God will have a special eye on you, and you all.

Warms Regards,

Louvedo Ilan
January 17, 2013
Tomassin, Haiti

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