What is HCN?

students learning 3-1

HCN is a 501c3 organization offering a different and proven
education-to-employment model that empowers students and
donor/sponsors to begin breaking the cycles of hopelessness in Haiti:

~ Providing a full-circle education-to-gainful employment solution.
~ Molding an unique partnership between donors, students, and businesses.
~ A Student Computer Center, where qualified students safely pursue on-line  educational degrees from partnering higher learning institutions in the USA.
~ A real-world curriculum, including an internship program in collaboration with organizations in Haiti.
~ Follow-through employment placement assistance.
~ An approach designed to ensure successful outcomes through active engagement, collaborations, and partnership between all major stakeholders:  Students;

~ Haitian-based Businesses/Prospective Employers; HCN and Staff in cooperation with our Academic Partners and Donors.
~ The goal to secure funding to expand sufficiently to enroll additional students from among the hundreds of deserving and motivated young Haitians waiting to enroll.
~ A nominal cost of $2,000 per student per year includes all expenses and feeding program.

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