Who Benefits?

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Who Benefits?  Everyone!

Students benefit from:

~ a practical online education, combined with in person assistance, leading to gainful employment.

~ valuable internship opportunities, giving them real world experience.

~ the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

Haitian Organizations benefit from:

~ a pool of educated, self-motivated young people ready for job opportunities now.

~ workers with skills learned from American academic partners and backed by the credibility of HCN.

Haiti benefits from:

~ a change in the false mentality, that in order to succeed and prosper students need to leave Haiti.

~ developing an ethical, national leadership from within Haiti not outsourcing from other countries.

The World benefits from:

~ the development of a future generation of productive citizens and a more stable, better educated, and less financially dependent Haiti.

Donors benefit from:

~ Contributions that have a cumulative impact.  When you help a student get an education you are setting them up to be able to provide for families, make purchases in local businesses, have a positive impact in their community, and improve the Haitian economy.

~ the opportunity to develop personal connections virtually with individual students through email, Facebook, or Skype chat.

~ In business lexicon:

– A lower risk tax deductible investment in Haiti due to program structure and accountability.
– Responsible financial stewardship, accountability, and reporting.
– Measurable  Return on Investment, active partnership.

Higher Education Institutions benefit from:

~ using HCN as a satellite location in Haiti, using existing curriculum online.

~ positive public relations for existing and future donor bases.

~ opportunities for educational focused mission trips to HCN in Montrouis, Haiti.

~ collaboration between American students and Haitian students online providing cross cultural experiences.

To get more information on how you can help HCN and help benefit others, click here.

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